Outdoor Renovations 2015

The Pavilion Theatre at night

The Pavilion Theatre at night – see below for more

The outside refurbishment of Theatre is now complete; it’s been a long time since the Pavilion has looked so good. The stonework has been washed, pointed, loose brickwork and especially chimneys have been taken down and rebuilt with additional stainless steel ties added for added support where required.  It is now amazing to see some of the features and details within the stonework, so next time you are passing look up and see what great workmanship there was away back in the early 1900’s. Windows have all been repaired, sealed and painted, modern additional LED outside lighting has been added to enhance the building and we have kept this really colourful in true Variety Style, together with the new neon signs the theatre is amazing at night and looks very welcoming and with the completion of the outside works this enhances last year’s interior refurbishment.  I think we must now be one of the Best Kept Theatres in Glasgow and we are proud of achieving this from our own funds all generated from ticket sales and not a penny from the public purse.  We even had to pay the Council to take down two street lamps so we could get the scaffolding erected, ridiculous is that?  Especially when all they did, was demolish these with a hammer, the sign of true tradesmen.

We also took this opportunity to fully replace the theatre sound system and now probably have the best system in any theatre in Scotland, all fully supplied, installed and commissioned by The Warehouse …another great Scottish company. I would like to say a big thank you to all the contractors who worked on this project and again we are proud that these were all local companies rather than similar projects in Glasgow that seem to go to across the border or even further afield.
It is good to keep the money generated in Glasgow in Glasgow.

So special Big thanks to:

Ronnie Sims of GuardianStone Stonemasons, 19 Calderpark Road, Glasgow, G71 7RG, 0141 781 0999, www.guardianstone.co.uk

Robert Campbell of HF Electric, HF Group, 100 Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2SJ, 0141 429 5575, www.hf-group.co.uk

Stuart Sillars of A.L. Sillars Blacksmiths – 18 Watson Street, Glasgow, G1 5AF, 0141 552 3391

Advertising Signs 6 Dunlin Court, Strathclyde Business Park, Bellshill, ML4 3NH, 01698 844 114, www.adsigns.co.uk for the Neon Sign 

Gordon Emslie – Emslie Decorators, 07930 820450

Douglas Sannachan of Artisani Production for Stained-Glass Windows, 07887 790432

MacMillan Property Maintenance Ltd, 11 Duntreath Gardens, Glasgow, G15 6SH, 0141 944 3415

Allan  Janette of City Centre Maintenance Limited, 1D Payne Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, G4 0LE, 0141 552 2419

Peter McGinlay of City Glazing and Services Ltd, 07818 043116

Supplier of the outside lighting Andrew Stringer Whitelight, Jubilee Way, 20 Merton Industrial Park, London, SW19 3WL, 01422 839651, www.whitelight.ltd.uk 

The Warehouse Sound Services, 40 Carmichael St, Glasgow G51 2QU, 0141 445 4466, www.warehousesound.co.uk

Not forgetting all my own staff who again worked over and above their normal duties to bring the Grand Old Lady of Renfield Street back to life.

Davie Maloney, Scott Gordon, Marie Donnelly, Jamie Gordon, Brian Maloney and all other staff who had to put up with the mess that the works created but who all mucked in.

We look forward to a great autumn season and welcome your comments on the refurbishment.

 What was your opinion?

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  7 Responses to “Outdoor Renovations 2015”

  1. The Pavilion is a total jewel in the entertainment scene of Glasgow, and looking better than ever.
    I remember the fabulous Lex MacLean Shows at the Pavilion, fast moving very funning, sometimes a bit risque but oh what superb casts they were. We shall never see their likes again.
    And of course Jack Milroy at the Pavilion was another favourite, He was just SO funny as soon as he walked on stage, it was laughter all the way. He is sadly missed.
    But it is great that the Pavilion is looking better than ever now it has passed it’s 100th anniversary. Ian Gordon and staff must be congratulated. long may the laughter and fun continue at this wonderful theatre.

  2. well done everyone at the pavilion, keeping, that grand old building, alive and well cared for keep it up

  3. Looked great tonight when we were at the panto-especially the roof turrets which I had never noticed before.

  4. for 19 years we have took the four kids to panto at xmas and it always lands on the 16th december now this year our kyles birthday will be 20 at the panto i say that true support to the best theatre in glasgow from all the aitken familly see you on the night

  5. Love it it really does stand out as always you have done Glasgow ,proudmy mum and my grandchildren just love going there. mum no longer with us r I p daughter and grandson always going, keep up the good work in every field looking forward to seeing all next night out !

  6. I have been going to panto at the Pavilion for years, and will continue too for many years to come, it is great to read the line in the renovations description ” The money raised in Glasgow, has Stayed in Glasgow” I am more than happy to spend my money at the Pavilion. I look forward to seeing the new building at this years Panto !

  7. Fantastic!

    I Love, Love, Love this theatre! its the best in Glasgow Looking forward to the Francie and Josie gig with the great Johnny Mac and then again on Hogmany for the Best Panto in town!

    Keep up the good work!