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Box Office:

The theatre has its own fully staff box office, which is located within the theatre, opening from 10am to 8pm Monday to Saturday.

The theatre uses the VenueMaster2 system, developed by Ticketmaster Systems and also uses their e-ticketing service to satisfy online bookings. You can see our online service in action at .  Please note that we do not get involved with any other agencies for selling tickets, nor do we use any sites. We strongly recommend that promoters provide us with good material for our website,, because as much as 50% of our current bookings are now carried out online. This service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which in this day and age, is far more convenient for our customers.

The vast majority of promoters like to price their tickets in two different ways; Stalls, Circle & Boxes – Price A, and Balcony – Price B, or, All Seats – Price A. However, we can split it in as many ways as you like. For example, some promoters may like the seats at the front to be a different price to those towards the middle or rear of the auditorium.

Examples of this could be – Price A £20.00, Price B £17.50, Price C £15.00 where A is the front 5 rows in the Stalls area, Boxes & front 6 rows in the Circle Area, B is the remaining seats in Stalls & Circle and C is the Balcony area. (See Illustration)

Gross Box Office:

Price A – 380 Seats x £20.00 = £ 7,600.00
Price B – 611 Seats (641 – 30 Mixer Position) x £17.50 = £16,692.50
Price C – 413 Seats x £15.00 = £ 6,195.00
Total Gross Box Office   = £30,487.50

A full event return can be provided on the evening of the show, should the promoter request.

Front of House

The theatre has three main bars, one located of each level of the theatre, all stocking a wide range of wines, beers, ciders, spirits and soft drinks for reasonable prices. Each bar will open approximately one hour prior to performance time.

A shop selling a good selection of confectionery, ice cream, crisps and soft drinks is located in the Stalls & Circle areas. Again, these will open approximately 1 hour before the performance. Front of House staff also sell ice cream within the auditorium area at the intermission.

There is also a merchandise area located in the main foyer area where touring companies are able to sell their production merchandise. Please note that there will be a facility fee of £75.00 + VAT for the use of this area and you will need to provide sales staff.

Programmes can also be sold by the theatre’s Front of House staff for a commission of 15% + VAT. Should you require this service, please contact the Front of House manager to arrange this.