Nov 052013

Jack AlexanderThe service will take place at 11:30am on Friday 8th November at Ayr Auld Kirk. The burial will be in Monkton Cemetery at 1pm and from there to the Carlton Hotel in Prestwick.

 5 November, 2013

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  4 Responses to “Jack Alexander’s Funeral”

  1. bye jack,,,, you will be one of the living legends,, ….we wont forget you… like willll star. etc…..

  2. Just want to say goodbye to Jack Alexander. I will miss him very much.
    My codolences go to his brother Tom and his family and also to Jack’s family.
    May Jack Rest In Peace.

  3. You were first and foremost a true
    Gentle man
    And a human human bring
    Unbelievable talent
    And very very handsome
    A not inconsiderable package
    Lil has been a wonderful wife , friend and support all your married life .
    Life will just never be the same
    We will renenber you forever
    With love
    And my sincere condolences to Lil
    And your family .
    Yvonne Laing

  4. I'll be sad to say goodbye on friday to one of scotlands legends. A great entertainer, colleague and dear friend. I'll miss you Jack.