Pavilion of Dreams


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  8 Responses to “Pavilion of Dreams”

  1. Johnny Cash tribute was amazing have to have them back again brilliant show please bring them back to the pavilion thanks

  2. Beautiful theatre, marvellous. Staff. Make you feel so welcome from when you step in the door , great atmosphere ,spectacular shows, Ian Gordon your a credit for all the hard work you have done over the years .To make it into the beautiful place it is today.

  3. Congratulations to the Pavilion on your 110th Anniversary. I have so many wonderful memories of the Pavilion, my earliest memory of being in the Pavilion Theatre was when I was three years old and being chosen to sing and dance on stage by Fiona Kennedy in The Callum Kennedy Show. I still have the goody bag and tin of Pick Up Monkeys I received to this day. Well done to Iain Gordon for all the hard work he puts into managing the Pavilion, he deserves high praise for being a brilliant Manager and putting on great shows for the Pavilion punters.

  4. Well done Ian that was a fantastic show for your 110th birthday couldn’t fault anyone it was great entertainment wish you could have more shows like that . FANTASTIC

  5. My daughter and grandaughter were at the Panto today, it was Fantastic it was such fun and suitable for all ages with no smutty remarks. The Pavilion is the best Theatre . I have been going from the days of Lex McLean, love it Thank you all

  6. This was a fantastic show and would love to see more, behind the scenes of the panto is brilliant, more bbc please

  7. My daughter is in Oliver next week, so excited to be going to see her perform, proud mum x

  8. i loved it.bring one for pinocio