Dec 062012

Pavilion of Dreams
Pavilion of Dreams9.00-10.00pm Thursday 3 January BBC One Scotland

Keeping the dreams alive at the Pavilion Theatre Glasgow hasn’t been easy over the decades. Like Circus folk,  General Manager Iain Gordon, his family and his dedicated staff have always been all hands to the pumps to keep one of the last original totally unsubsidised Variety Theatres open for business.


BBC ScotlandThis film, by Glasgow based Millarworld Productions, offers a unique peek behind the scenes as Iain and a well-known cast prepare for this year’s Christmas panto The Wizard of Never Woz, a roller coaster ride of rehearsals, singing, dancing and finally  The Opening Night.  Along the way, the programme features comments and interviews from stars that have also graced the stage over the years; from Ken Dodd, Lena Martell, Sydney Devine to the phenomenon that is Mrs Brown’s Boys.

This is surely one worth watching! So put it in your diary now and see “The Pavilion” as you have never seen it before. It is also available on BBC iPlayer until 10th January 2013:

 6 December, 2012

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