Oct 172015

Power cut: Theatre evacuation as 1400 people plunged into darkness


A theatre performance was plunged into darkness after a power cut hit Glasgow city centre.

Around 1400 people were reportedly evacuated when the lights went out during a show at the Pavilion Theatre on Friday evening.

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said a small fire in an electrical sub station near to the Herald building on Renfield Street had caused the blackout.

Alyson Orr, who was performing in the Wee fat Glesga Wedding, told STV News the lights went out just before the interval at around 8.45pm.

She said: “At first some of the audience thought it was part of the show, as the power went out during an intimate moment in the performance.

“We were evacuating people with the light of our mobile phones, but the audience were great and really understanding.

“It felt like something from World War Two, like the Blitz. I’ve never seen anything like this is 20 years working in theatre.”

Three fire engines were sent to the scene where the substation was on fire, and a corden was set up around the damaged area.

Scottish power engineers are assessing the extent of the damage.

The Pavilion Theatre said they would provide a special show at 7.30pm on Sunday for those who were at the disrupted performance, and all original tickets would be valid.



 17 October, 2015

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