The Real Glesga Dance Mums

The Real Glesga Dance Mums at the Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

Wednesday, 5 October, 2016 – Saturday, 15 October, 2016

The Real Glesga Dance Mums goes behind-the-scenes at Clydebank based Funny Bones Dance Studio where the school is owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Anna Marie, who is renowned for her loud mouth approach to the World of Dance as she strives to make sure her “talented girl and boy dancers” become the best in the sport of competitive dance and hopefully the Stars of Tomorrow! She works hard to uphold her motto of “turning weans into dancers and dancers into Mon..Stars,”…  which sparks drama and conflict between the competitive mothers.

Born and raised in Glasgow, she has become well-known throughout the dance world for her flamboyant choreography; constantly on edge from her strict discipline and at times harsh “my way or the highway attitude.”

Follow this team on a journey as they work hard to reach the finals of Scotland’s biggest dance show.

But like all walks of life, there are always some that get in the road and like most dance School’s, it is the “Dance Mums” that have the biggest ego’s which are at times pushed to the limits, emotionally, physically, socially and in some cases, financially as the students tirelessly rehearse every night for dance competitions.

The Real Glesga Dance Mums uniquely captures this outrageous and  hilarious interplay as Anna Marie commits herself to bring out the best in those students — and mothers who are willing to dedicate themselves to be part of Funny Bones  The best dance team in the country.


Wednesday 5th to Saturday 15th October 2016 at 7:30pm with 2pm Saturday Matinee



Wednesday to Friday at 7:30pm    All Seats: £18.50 (£16.50 Conc.)

Saturday at 2pm                               All Seats : £17.00

Saturday at 7:30pm                         All Seats: £20.50 (£18.50 Conc.)

Nicola getting warmed up for The Real Glesga Dance Mums!

Nicola getting warmed up for The Real Glesga Dance Mums!

We think she may have warmed up enough .....

We think she may have warmed up enough …..

Contact us if you have a question, or leave a comment if you have enjoyed the show.

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  23 Responses to “The Real Glesga Dance Mums”

  1. I thought they were all fantastic specially the kids what talent keep up the good work.

  2. The young dancers were outstanding.
    Betty was a joy !

    …Betty and the dancers were truly wonderful and the scene near the end with the young girl singing was really special.

  3. Show was fantastic loved every minute .nicola makes me laff she is hysterical . Guy playing cammy was brill his facial expressions second to none . All children were amazing so professional and loved the www girl solo singing we all had goose bumps . Love the pavilion !

  4. Thank God for some brilliant wee dancers, a girl with a great voice and a “wee” lassie with the best comic faces!..

  5. We were at the opening night on Wednesday, great show, all brilliant but for us Cammy stole the show!..

  6. The show was absolutely stolen by Cammy who was the funniest on stage by far. Excellent night and brilliant wee dancers. The show would have only been improved by hearing and seeing more of Cammy, I would definitely book to come again!

  7. This was a great ‘take-off’ of Dance Moms from TV -given a special Glasgow taste with great banter. Dancers were fantastic,’mum’s’ singing and dancing was great too – Nicola was her usual entertaining self! Special mention to the young girl who sang “When we were young” near the end of the performance-she had a fabulous voice.

  8. Went to see dance mums it was fab


  10. i saw dance mums on Saturday with my twelve year old granddaughter and her mum, the humour is very funny a couple of swear words were used but nothing to bad I would say your eight year old daughter will enjoy it even though at times the humour she will not understand which is no bad thing

  11. The show is wonderful!! The dancers are very talented young ladies, every one in this show has talent. So funny and such feel good show!! There was a very special young girl who sang at the end she sang ” When we were young”, whoever this girl is, she needs to be filmed and her voice sent in to talent shows, she is a star I the making her voice was outstanding

  12. I went to see it with my dancing on the first night it came out (5th October) and I loved it that much I came home and booked another ticket for my friends and I for tomorrow night the last night of the preformance ! I loved it so much !!

  13. What a night the wee dancers were great.brilliant night cant wait to go back xxx

  14. Absolutely brilliant from start to finish had a greatvlaugh

  15. At opening show the little girl Nicole who sang was fantastic. She stole the show

  16. We loved the show. We laughed a lot.
    The dancers were great. The
    Singing was brilliant. And Anna Marie
    Was hilarious get a ticket for the glesca dance moms …you won’t be disappointed.

  17. I was here last night 7/10 and it was brilliant want to go back

  18. Was a brilliant night at the real glesga dance mum’s would recommend to anyone me and my sis had a ball xxxx

  19. Was at opening night what a show we’ll done everyone dancers are great and the singingwas great to will be going to see it again before it ends keep up the good work loved it xxxc

  20. Cannot wait to see this show, and see valissa wallace again!

  21. Looking forward to seeing the show it looks hilarious xx

  22. This looks hilarious, it's a must!!