The Wizard of Never Woz

The Wizard of Never Woz at the Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

Thursday, 30 November, 2017 – Sunday, 14 January, 2018

It is back to traditional pantomime.

The Magical story of The Wizard of Oz with a hilarious Glasgow twist!

Join Dorothy as she embarks on an exciting but unexpected adventure from her home in sunny Glasgow to the Magical Land of Never Woz. Along the way, she meets a “Scatty Scarecrow” a “Tarnished Tin Man” and a “Scardie Cat Lion” and together they hit the Yellow Brick Road in the hope of finding the Mighty Wizard of Never Woz who can make all their dreams come true. Helped along the road by the Good Witch Glinda who tries to protect Dorothy on her journey but evil is lurking in the shape of the Wicked Witch of the West.  If you loved the Film then this is the Christmas show for you.

Will good conquer evil, will Dorothy find her way home and will Toto manage to fight off the Wicked Witch?  Come along and join us on a magical journey, you won’t be disappointed!

An ALL STAR CAST will be announced in due course.

With Stunning Scenery, Magical Costumes, Spellbinding Dance, Sensational Special Effects and sing-a-long songs, this is a panto not to be missed. .


The Wizard of Never Woz promises to be the Best Family Panto in Town!

Day Date 11:00am 1:30pm 2:00pm 6:30pm 7:30pm
Thu 30-Nov         7:30pm
Fri 01-Dec         7:30pm
Sat 02-Dec     2:00pm   7:30pm
Sun 03-Dec     2:00pm 6:30pm  
Mon 04-Dec NO PERFORMANCE      
Tue 05-Dec         7:30pm
Wed 06-Dec   1:30pm     7:30pm
Thu 07-Dec 11:00am       7:30pm
Fri 08-Dec         7:30pm
Sat 09-Dec     2:00pm   7:30pm
Sun 10-Dec     2:00pm 6:30pm  
Mon 11-Dec NO PERFORMANCE      
Tue 12-Dec 11:00am       7:30pm
Wed 13-Dec   1:30pm     7:30pm
Thu 14-Dec 11:00am       7:30pm
Fri 15-Dec         7:30pm
Sat 16-Dec     2:00pm   7:30pm
Sun 17-Dec     2:00pm 6:30pm  
Mon 18-Dec NO PERFORMANCE      
Tue 19-Dec 11:00am       7:30pm
Wed 20-Dec   1:30pm     7:30pm
Thu 21-Dec   1:30pm     7:30pm
Fri 22-Dec   1:30pm     7:30pm
Sat 23-Dec     2:00pm   7:30pm
Sun 24-Dec     2:00pm 6:30pm  
Tue 26-Dec   1:30pm     7:30pm
Wed 27-Dec   1:30pm     7:30pm
Thu 28-Dec   1:30pm     7:30pm
Fri 29-Dec   1:30pm     7:30pm
Sat 30-Dec     2:00pm   7:30pm
Sun 31-Dec     2:00pm 6:30pm  
Tue 02-Jan   1:30pm     7:30pm
Wed 03-Jan   1:30pm     7:30pm
Thu 04-Jan         7:30pm
Fri 05-Jan         7:30pm
Sat 06-Jan     2:00pm   7:30pm
Sun 07-Jan     2:00pm    
Mon 08-Jan NO PERFORMANCE      
Tue 09-Jan         7:30pm
Wed 10-Jan   1:30pm     7:30pm
Thu 11-Jan         7:30pm
Fri 12-Jan         7:30pm
Sat 13-Jan     2:00pm   7:30pm
Sun 14-Jan     2:00pm    

Ticket Prices
Thursday 30th November – Sunday 3rd December 2017, Wednesday 3rd – Sunday 14th January 2018
Stalls, Circle and Boxes – £22.00  Concession – £19.00    
Balcony – £20.00   Concession – £19.00    
Tuesday 5th December 2017 – Tuesday 2nd January 2018    
Stalls, Circle and Boxes – £24.00  Concession – £21.00    
Balcony – £22.00   Concession – £21.00    
Party Bookings Discount     
For groups of 10 and over: Adults   £17.00    
      Concessions   £14.00    
Family Tickets Available on:  November December January January  
      30th 5th 3rd 9th  
        6th 4th 10th  
        7th 5th 11th  
Price: £19.00 Per Ticket (Minimum Purchase of 2 Tickets)   
Pensioners Matinee Special – £16.00     
Available on:     December January    
        6th 3rd    
        13th 10th    
School Pupil – £13.50      
All accompanying teachers go FREE     
Opening Night (Thursday 30th November 2017) – 2 Tickets for the price of 1!
2 Tickets For the Price of 1 Offer: November December December January January
        1st 7th 2nd (7:30pm) 9th
      30th 2nd (7:30pm) 12th 3rd 10th
        3rd (6:30pm) 13th 4th 11th
        5th 14th    
        6th 31st    
Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount and is based on full priced tickets only. Offer must be quoted at time of booking & offer applies to new bookings only! Maximum of 4 free tickets per customer. Terms, Conditions & Booking Fees apply.
Box Office Phone Number:   0141 332 1846    
Party Booking Phone Number:   0141 333 1791    
Book Online:     BOOK NOW    


Thursday 30th November 2017 to Sunday 14th January 2018

various times – see listing

On sale from 10am Wednesday 1st February.



concessions and discounts available – see listing

Contact us if you have a question, or leave a comment if you have enjoyed the show.

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